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40-Day Challenge

Hey there! I’m James Quandahl, facilitator of the 40-day challenge and super-user of the Spiritual Disciplines Journal.

Over the next 40 days, you and I will transform our lives together.

Let’s go from dissatisfied to grateful.

Move from selfish to selfless.

And do good every day while living our life’s purpose.

Ready to join the challenge?

 1. Pre-order your copy of the Spiritual Disciplines Journal.
 2. Follow me on Instagram: SDJwithJamesQuandahl
 3. Beginning April 12, 2021 let your journal guide you each day. 
 4. Share photos of your progress with the Instagram hashtag #SDJ40DayChallenge.
 5. Respond to my prompts on Instagram.
 6. And bring your friends and family along for the ride by tagging them.

    That's it!

    After 40 days, your life will be completely transformed:

    1. You will sleep better and have improved mental resilience;
    2. Service will be a natural part of your everyday life;
    3. When the day ends you will know you lived the full purpose of your life;
    4. And much, much more!

    What is this I hear about a contest?

    I’m glad you asked… At the end of the 40-day challenge, share a photo of you with your journal and include a brief story of how the 40 days went: 

    • What were your successes and difficulties? 
    • What positive changes did you notice? 
    • How will the journal help you going forward?
    • And anything else you’d like to share. 

    On the photo, use the hashtag #SDJ40DayChallenge, and tag your friends and family. 

    I will select the authors of the best five stories and ship them a 10-pack of the journal. With these journals you can bring your closest loved ones alongside you and make 2021 a year of positive change.

    And for everyone else that submits a story... I will share an awesome discount code for your friends and family to use to get their own journal.  

    I’m looking forward to reading your stories and joining you on this challenge.

    About James Quandahl

    From 2016-2020, I managed the Christian Gratitude Journal which reached tens of thousands of people around the globe and helped them to develop a daily practice of gratitude. 

    The journal helped me learn to be grateful with the countless blessings in my life: an afternoon walk in the sunshine, spontaneous conversations with a good friend, the delicious smell of a freshly brewed cup of coffee in the morning, and how a great song can make me sing and dance.

    So what am I up to now? 

    God has called me onto a new mission. 

    My mission is to help you thrive at home and in business. There are two Bible verses that inspired my ministry:

    1. Walk with the wise and become wise. (Proverb 13:20)
    2. Let the wise listen and add to their learning. (Proverbs 1:5)

    My Bible and Spiritual Disciplines Journal are essential for me to lead in my home and business and help me to grow in my relationship with Jesus. As an ambassador for the journal, I encourage you to build a daily habit of gratefulness, service, and self-examination. If you haven’t done so already, you should stop reading right now and pre-order the journal for yourself and your closest friends and family. You will thank me later.

    Head to my site where I publish articles chock-full of best practices to help you thrive at home and in business. Pearls of wisdom gleaned from my daily Holy hour, over twenty years of leading businesses, and the thousands of books, podcasts, blogs, magazines, and presentations I study.

    -James Quandahl