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Check out my friend @BenGreenfieldFitness and his new Spiritual Disciplines Journal!

Do you struggle each morning or evening remembering to be grateful for your blessings in life? Have you heard you should have some kind of a journaling practice, but just don’t know where to start? Is it difficult for you to find the time to serve and help others? Do you feel as though you’re sometimes floundering in life without a clear, defined purpose?

Enter the Spiritual Disciplines Journal.

Each day begins with an inspirational Bible verse and a clear call to gratitude, along with identifying one person you can serve or pray for that day. This will help you grow spiritually, systematize a practice of gratefulness, and remember to take time out of your day to serve others. Each day ends with a process of self-examination and a review of your purpose statement, allowing you to identify what you have done well, what you could have done better, and how connected you are to your life’s purpose - all proven elements of increasing your life quality and meaning on a day-by-day basis, and all systematized easily for you. .

Visit SpiritualDisciplinesJournal.com or visit the link in the bio @BenGreenfieldFitness to get your copy!

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Check out my friend @BenGreenfieldFitness and his newest launch! Ben is an author, speaker and consultant in the realms of health, fitness, nutrition and body and brain optimization, and perhaps most well-known for his teachings on biohacking, fitness, muscle gain, fat loss, nutrition, supplements, longevity, cognition and beyond.

However, he will be the first to tell you that for much of his life, he didn’t focus on building his spiritual muscles in the same way that he prioritized physical disciplines. After the high of the victories, success, fitness and physical accomplishments subsided, he still felt empty inside.

Ben shares in his journal that “after your muscles have atrophied, your skin has sagged, your brain has degraded and accumulated with plaque, your blood vessels have become clogged, and your nerves have become weakened—long after your relentless pursuit of fitness or health or longevity has become a
vain effort—your spirit can be just as strong and as bright as ever.”

How true! To tap into the same happiness and fulfillment Ben found, you can head over to SpiritualDisciplinesJournal.com to hear more about the spiritual disciplines that transformed Ben’s life and get your own copy of his journal.

Option 3:

Take a look at my friend @BenGreenfieldFitness and his newest, powerful self-optimization practice. You may not know, but my friend Ben is a true enthusiast when it comes to optimizing his life and he has done it again - this time for spirituality. Check out his Spiritual Disciplines Journal at SpiritualDisciplinesJournal.com and see how you can now optimize your life using a unique journaling process unlike any other.

But first, you might be asking, what do you mean by spiritual disciplines?

Spiritual disciplines are specific habits that develop, grow, and strengthen our spirit, that build the muscles of our character, and that train our soul. You can consider them to be the barbells, dumbbells, weight training machines and running trails of our inner being.

In the journal, Ben talks about for 20 years of his life, up until he was in his mid-30’s, he rarely tended to his spirit and was constantly striving for the next big physical, mental, or personal achievement - he neglected his spirit almost entirely! As a result, he ultimately found his spirit shriveled, shrunken, unfit and unhappy - he was unable to fully love others or make a purpose-filled impact with his life for God’s glory.

But things changed - and a key part of that change was a powerful journaling process that you too can now discover. Learn more about Ben’s journey at SpiritualDisciplinesJournal.com and see how implementing spiritual disciplines into his life radically transformed his success, and can do the same for you too.


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